Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Welcome to MODOK WINS!

     This is a collaborative submission to the March Modok Madness blog. The idea of making a game for March Modok Madness came from my brother SEBASEBS. He brought up the idea of making Modok fly off into space, kill waves of enemies, and have no way to lose. I agreed immediately and used Game Maker to make this game in about 3 weeks.
     Contributions came from several enthusiastic individuals. My brother came up with the concept, contributed to the cover art, and overall look of the original Modok sprite. He also contributed critiques, and gameplay suggestions that improved the overall feel of the game. Sound effects and music came from Richard Jordon. He provided the music and he and his friend Keeden Hopkins both provided voiceovers. My contribution came in the form of Modok's animation and all the enemies he kills. I put together Modok Wins, and made all of its gamplay elements.  Jacquie Goyena contributed both in ideas and critiques. She connected Richard and myself and ensured the overall quality of the game, and credits.

 Analyze Cube
 Psionic Blaster
 The Cube
 Cube Explosion
Psionic Blast

Here are some of the foes you will be facing.

You can download the game here.

I hope you enjoy Modok Wins and contribute to the March Modok Madness blog in the future.

Art and Design
Adrian Lienard - slyshand

Sebastien Lienard - @sebasebsebs

Richard 'Ryouba' Jordon

Special thanks
Jacquie Goyena
Lauren Admire
Keeden Hopkins

This game is free and all the artwork and sound were created specifically for this project. Never pay a cent for this game.

I however would be exceedingly grateful for any contributions anyone made. It will actively spur me on to keep making more projects, and original content.

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